Today i'm going to be sharing with you my top 3 most comfortable, practical bags and pretty bags to wear everyday.

The first one is a Black and White Houndstooth Vera Bradley Turnlock Crossbody. I got this bag in Orlando last year and i've been obsessed with it ever since cause it's so easy to carry around, match with other pieces of clothing and it's the perfect size to fit my wallet (a Vera Bradley Faux Leather Accordion Wallet), my keys, my phone and a lipstick.

The next bag I'm going to show you is actually a small backpack, the brown Calvin Klein Women's Monogram Faux Leather Bag. I got this one @ Marshalls also in Orlando for a really good price and it's amazing, especially if you need to carry a notebook, a water bottle or anything like that with you.

The last one is also a small backpack, i don't know where it is from because my grandma was the one that got it for me a month ago in Rome but it's basically a plain black faux leather bag. It is not only useful but also so beautiful! It was my school bag for the past month and i love it cause it has a small and a medium pocket besides the bag itself.

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